Where sexy meets safety….

Attending (and departing) FVU Events

  1. All persons who attend a FVU event must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be able to provide some form of valid ID if asked by the Hosts, be appropriately dressed when in public view and have read the following rules.
  2. There will be no scening of any type while in the public areas of the venue, such as the social lounge area. Casual play is ok but any lengthy or complex scenes should be moved to the play area for safety
  3. All attendees shall keep their noise level at a respectful volume when in the outdoor area, so as not to draw attention.
  4. Smoking and vaping are permitted only in the designated smoking area outside of the venue.
  5. We, the Hosts, reserve the right to refuse attendance to our events for ANY REASON that we deem suitable.

Substance Use

  1. Anyone deemed to be under the influence of any substance (including alcohol, recreational drugs) WILL be denied admittance, instructed to cease play or asked to leave the event, based on the discretion of the Hosts. Further notes: The Host must be aware not only of people trying to use such substances during a party, but more importantly, of the fact that if a person has consumed a large quantity of drugs just prior to arriving (particularly alcohol) the full effect may not hit them until after they’re past the door and are possibly playing. If a person appears to be acting progressively more “intoxicated” as time goes by, and there is no evidence of on-site usage, they may be experiencing the cumulative effects of prior use. If you have any questions in this area, enlist the opinion of a Host or Monitor.

Conduct at FVU Events

  1. ASOLUTELY NO ACTS OF PROSTITUTION ARE ALLOWED. This is defined by the offer or acceptance of money for sexual acts, including SM play by individuals. If the scene isn’t free, it isn’t done! Anyone violating this policy will immediately be asked to leave the Event, with further disciplinary actions to be determined by the event host/s.
  2. PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEOGRAPHY, AND AUDIO TAPING ARE NOT PERMITTED, without prior permission from all parties that are to be involved in the recording. Nothing is to be posted online without express permission from all parties that have been recorded in the media form. The Event Host must be made aware of any photographic approvals before pictures are taken.
  3. OPEN FLAMES of any kind are not permitted, without prior permission from the Hosts and only in designated areas determined by the Monitors. If someone wants to do fire play or wax play it is up to the Hosts and Monitors to make sure that the players have adequate tarps to protect furniture and floors and a fire extinguisher is readily available. They need to also make sure that the play is not in a trafficked area and to inform the other Monitors. Tarps are available for use. Players will be responsible for cleaning the tarp after their scene. Then the tarp is to be returned to the Hosts. Isopropyl alcohol, etc., used in fire-play scenes, must be kept on a stable surface in containers that will not tip or spill. Fire play will not be permitted indoors.
  4. NOTHING IS TO BE ATTACHED to the walls or attached to the ceilings, except at designated tie points.
  5. BLOOD SPORT SCENES must be discussed with the event Hosts and the Monitors and will be permitted only at their discretion. All play intended or likely to draw blood must be done only in a designated area. A drop cloth must be used at all times as well as a firm awareness of possible splatter.
  6. SEX ON PREMISES during Kink Events will not allow penetrative sex (anal or vaginal sex with a penis) on the play floor. Oral and Manual sex including the use of toys will be allowed on the play floor. Penetrative sex will be allowed in the designated Red Room. Sex during Lifestyle Events will be allowed per the rules set by the Hosts.
  7. GAGGING: If a gag is used during a scene, a visual safe-word must be established and communicated with the Monitors.
  8. NON PERMITTED PLAY SCENES: Water sports, scat play, play rape, face-punching, golden showers or cocktails, adult baby play/infantilism, takedowns and CNC play will not be allowed.
  9. SAFE WORD: All FVU events use the Traffic Light system as the Event Safeword. Monitors will investigate any use of the words Red, as well as No and Stop.
  10. RESTRICTED PLAY ITEMS: Firearms, real or replica are NOT permitted on the premises. Stun Guns and Taser Guns are not permitted on the premises. Irritants such as Mace, ‘Bear Spray’ or Pepper spray is not allowed to be used on the premises.
  11. CELL PHONES AND ANY ELECTRIC DEVICES: Cell phones and other electric devices are not permitted in the dungeon areas unless the audible ringer or alert function has been disabled. If your phone has a “vibrate” function, please use it. Otherwise turn the device off. In the Lounge area, ringers or alerts should be kept at their lowest possible setting.
  12. SOLO-PLAY: For the purposes of this rule “BDSM Play” involves two or more people. Solo-play of any kind must have the presence of a spotter. This includes scenes of auto asphyxiation, whip cracking, self suspension or individual stunting.


​1. Do not interrupt or involve yourself in someone else’s scene unless you have been explicitly invited. This includes loud commentary, asking questions and or talking to the participants during the scene, or touching anyone in the scene without their prior consent.

  1. While in the viewing area of the dungeon keep personal conversations to a reasonable level so as not to disrupt any scenes
  2. Absolutely no “heckling” or audible criticism of another’s scene.
  3. Do not yuck someone else’s yum
  4. Please be aware of the placement of your equipment as others will be using the space as well
  5. Please limit use of scents (perfumes, colognes, strong body wash etc) for those with sensitivities
  6. The Red Room: Open door = welcome to come in and observe (once again please do not interrupt or join in any play happening without prior consent from all those involved – there is a nice chaise available for respectful voyeurs) Closed door = private scene under way – do not enter

The FVU Consent Policy

** P.R.I.C.K. (Personally Responsible, Informed, Consensual Kink) is in play at all FVU Events **

  1. No means no. When you deliver a no, be clear, and when you receive a no, accept it gracefully. Asking permission, whether it be to touch someone, play together, join a scene, initiate a conversation directly, or send a racy picture, is mandatory. No one is owed your attention, encouragement, or interaction.
  2. The only consent is enthusiastic consent. If you have not received a clear and direct yes from everyone you are asking to play with, do not press. “I don’t know” is not a yes. “I’ll think about it” is not a yes. “Uh” and “Hmm” and “maybe later” really, really aren’t a yes. You’ve shared your interest; it is their turn to follow up with you, if they so desire.
  3. Communicate honestly and be clear about your needs, limits, and boundaries. If you do not wish to be asked to play by a person again, tell them; if you are advised to stop asking, be conscious of this boundary. If there is something you absolutely do or do not want to happen during sex or in the context of a scene, disclose this beforehand. Everyone is different. No one is psychic.
  4. Be aware of your body, mind, and heart. Pay attention to yourself and the way you are feeling; if you are not comfortable, in any way, at any moment and for any reason, you have the right to stop. “I don’t feel well” is a good, nondescript, catch-all reason to end any interaction, from a conversation to a sexual encounter. Anyone is allowed to stop participating, for any reason or for no reason at all.
  5. While we support and acknowledge all relationship dynamics, preferences, choices, and walks of life, for the purposes of our parties we consider anyone not allowed to, unwilling, or unable to say no to also be unable to give consent. At all events under the FVU banner, consent is a matter of plain and clear language – no consensual non-consent play is permitted at FVU events, regardless of personal relationship dynamic. Traffic light safewords (green, yellow and red) are welcomed but are never considered to supersede “no” or “stop”.

Contacting Us: Feedback and Concerns

​1. If at any point you need assistance at an event, before, during or after a scene, you may reach out to any of the FVU team or volunteers at the event. We are able to assist with negotiations, answer questions, monitor play, and address concerns about behaviour in the moment, if so desired.

  1. If you feel unable or uncomfortable to approach the Hosts personally at an event, you may contact the team of the Fraser Valley Underground via the FVU accounts on Fetlife or FaceBook to express concerns or discomfort.
  2. You may also utilize our general email address: If you wish to remain anonymous even from us, this is the best way to do so; there are several email anonymizers online. We present this option in good faith; anonymously-lodged complaints are difficult to investigate and easy to abuse, and the less detail we are provided, the more difficult it is to look into. We cannot ensure that complaints received anonymously will be actioned, but nevertheless, this option is available.
  3. If you are reporting a concern, discomfort, violation, or complaint, please be prepared to offer as much detail as you can about your experience, any supporting documentation, and the desired result of your complaint. We will investigate the complaint, including but not limited to contacting the alleged party directly, and advise of our decision on how to resolve the matter as soon as we can. Recommendations may include mediation, conduct warnings, reviews of past interactions, and suspensions from event attendance for various durations of time.
  4. If you or someone you know has complained or had a complaint levied against them, be aware that we have a zero-tolerance policy for retaliation against either a complainant or alleged offender. If we are approached with evidence that you have harassed, threatened, or attempted to publicly shame or discredit any participant in this process, in any way, your access to all FVU events will be immediately and permanently revoked.
  5. All information, including complaints, involved persons, supporting documentation, and recorded interactions on the topic of any issues raised (whether text or otherwise) will be kept in strict confidentiality. Any variations to this policy will be discussed with the owner of the information and subject to their complete and documented approval.